WASD Activities & Athletics Raffle Fundraiser

Your donation funds the programs you choose! Thank you for your support!

West Ada will hold three (3) raffles during the 2023-2024 school year.

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FALL: August 10th to October 20th
WINTER: November 27th to February 17th
SPRING: March 11th to May 4th
* Note: Dates are subject to change based on school board meetings and scheduled events

Raffle Tickets are $75.00, and if you buy 3 tickets and get an additional ticket for free!
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-car” color=”#252e55″ size=”25″]    2024 Chevrolet Equinox Premier: $40,000 value
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-wrench” color=”#e6b43e” size=”25″]    Bruneel Point S Gift Card: $1,500 in store credit
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-mountain” color=”252e55″ size=”25″]    Coca-Cola Idaho Trip Giveaway: $2,000 value
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-shopping-cart” color=”#e6b43e” size=”25″]    Costco Wholesale Gift Card: $1,500
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-credit-card” color=”#252e55″ size=”25″]    Visa Gift Card donated by KM Engineering: (5) $500

Purchase Specialty Raffle Tickets

Thank you for supporting West Ada Activity and Athletic programs!

Purchase High School Raffle Tickets

Thank you for supporting West Ada Activity and Athletic programs!

Purchase Middle School Raffle Tickets

Thank you for supporting West Ada Activity and Athletic programs!

2023-24 Calendar of Supported Activities by Season

Wondering which school, and sport or activity you can support during each of the raffles? Click on a season below:

Traditional High Schools

Cross Country
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer

Middle Schools

General Fund Support

Traditional High Schools


Idaho Fine Arts Academy & Renaissance High School

General Fund Support

Traditional High Schools

Track and Field

Middle Schools

General Fund Support

Rules & Regulations - FAQs

• Must be 18 or older to participate.

• You do not need to be present to win prizes. Prizes must be picked up by June 1, 2024 at West Ada District Service Center, 1303 E. Central Drive, Meridian Idaho.

• Employees directly affiliated with the West Ada School District Raffle fundraiser and their immediate households are not eligible to enter. This includes WASD Executive Team members, WASD Board members, WASD accounting personnel, secondary school bookkeepers all Activities Directors at the district, high school and middle school levels.

• Prizes will not be awarded in cash.

• All taxes and title obligations are the sole responsibility of the prize winner and due prior to prize being transferred. Winners are also responsible for applicable taxes, license, registration, insurance and/or fees associated with prizes won.

• Tickets will be selected through random drawings.

• A ticket represents a chance to win the opportunity to accept an offer of the stated prize. All sales of tickets are final and no refunds will be paid.

• Prizes are as is and sponsors will accept no responsibility after ownership has transferred.

How much does a ticket cost?

How many raffles will be held during the 23-24 year?
WASD will hold a raffle during the Fall, Winter and Spring sports season.

Where do the funds for ticket sales go?
Funds from ticket sales will go to the school program that sold the ticket.

How many tickets could be sold?
Approximately 7,000 tickets will be available for each raffle.

When will ticket sales end?
Tickets will be sold up to one week prior to the school board meeting where the winning tickets will be drawn.

Where can tickets be purchased:?
All tickets will be sold online at www.westadafundraiser.com.

How do I know if I won a prize?
Winners will be notified through the email they provide at ticket purchase, and winners will be listed at www.westada.org.

Is there any promotion for buying more than one ticket?
Anyone who purchases 3 tickets will receive a 4th additional ticket in the drawing.